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What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light.

IPL is a non-invasive procedure to treat various skin conditions & permanently reduce hair.

IPL uses light at different wavelengths, which then converts into heat to selectively absorb into the melanin (pigment) of hair & skin & also haemoglobin (vascular/ redness) of the area to be treated. This enables the surrounding skin to be unharmed & unaffected.

With permanent hair reduction the ideal candidate is someone with dark hair & fair skin in the treatment area. Those with lighter hair or darker skin can have less of a reduction. Blonde, grey, red or light coloured hair is not ideal to be treated and will have little to no reduction.

What can IPL treat?

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Skin Discolouration (freckles & age      spots & general pigmentation)
  • Poikiloderma  (a mottled mix of red & brown discolouration on neck & décolletage)
  • Broken capillaries on face & décolletage
  • Can help with Rosacea & to diffuse redness of the skin
  • Can help reduce redness in post acne lesions
  • Can help reduce fine lines
  • Can help reduce pore size
  • Can help to stimulate collagen
  • All of the above for anti ageing
  • Permanently reduce unwanted facial & body hair

Does IPL hurt?

IPL does have an element of discomfort  similar to the flick of a rubber
band & can feel warm as well.

Can I wax, pluck or epilate the hair before the treatment instead of shaving?

No- for the hair to be treated effectively  the area will have to be shaved
well or depilatory creams can be used as long as they do not make you rash afterward.
If the hair has been pulled away from the follicle there is no way for the
light to absorb.

Can I suntan, use fake tan or be spray tanned before a treatment?

No- The area to be treated should not be exposed to the sun or be fake or spray tanned for a least 4 weeks prior to treatment. This due to the light absorbing into melanin (colour). This can increase chances of burning, blistering or scarring & hyper & hypo pigmentation.

When having IPL treatment we advise you to always be sun smart & use a high factor sunblock to protect the skin.

What will the treatment area look like after a treatment?

After IPL for permanent hair reduction, the area can be a little red & have
a goose bump like appearance for a short time afterwards.

After IPL for Skin rejuvenation, the area can be pink & the pigmented areas can look darker & form a mild crusting (similar to look of wet milo being splattered onto the skin).  This can last from 5 days & up to 3-4 weeks depending on the body area treated. This crusting should be left to slough away on its own & not exfoliated off.

If there is a special occasion coming up after your IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, we advise you to delay your treatment as the milo effect can occur.

Why do I need multiple treatments?

With IPL for permanent hair reduction, multiple treatments are needed because of the hair growth cycle. Hair is most effectively treated in the early anagen phase of growth.  Most people will need a minimum of 6 treatments & those with hormonal hair growth will usually need more.

With IPL for Skin rejuvenation, multiple treatments are usually needed to address your skins issues. (usually they are multiple).

Maintenance treatments can be required for both hair & skin after the recommended course of treatment.

What is the difference between IPL & Laser?

The main difference is that laser is a single wavelength of light whereas
IPL is broadband light with UV filtered out.

Both require multiple treatments due to hair growth phases & require the
area to be shaved.

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