Meet the Osteopaths
Can Osteopathy Help you?
What can Osteopaths treat?
What types of procedures do Osteopaths use?
Is osteopathic treatment safe and is it Proven?
Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?
Who pays? Am I covered?
When can I get an appointment?

Meet the Osteopaths

MOVE Osteopathy provides osteopathic services from within the Holistic Health Centres at Brisbane and New Farm.

Principal Osteopath’s Dr Giulian Di Venuto (Osteopath) and Dr Kellie Rawlings (Osteopath) started MOVE at the New Farm Holistic Health Centre in 2003 with the simple vision of providing a service to help relieve pain and improve the lives of their patients.

MOVE Osteopathy has since grown to become South East Queensland’s largest supplier of Osteopathic health services and are proud to be associated with the Holistic Health Centres.

For a full list of available Osteopaths and services please see our website - www.moveosteopathy.com.au


Can Osteopathy Help YOU?

YES! Everyone needs to see an osteopath regardless of whether they are in pain or not. Firstly, it feels good to have an osteopathic treatment, but moreover, we are like ‘engineers for the human body.’ With five years of university training we are trained to read your body and figure out your individual pattern of strain. In order to prevent the possibility of injury, we determine where excess strain is being absorbed and correct biomechanics so that strain and pressure is evenly dispersed throughout the tissues.

The moving parts of the skeletal system are prone to ‘rusting.’ This causes joints to stiffen and muscles to become tight. Quite often people are unaware that this is even happening and it is not until they do something quite simple that they get pain. The moving parts of your body need regular ‘tune-ups’ and maintenance just like the mechanics of your car!


What can Osteopaths treat?

Osteopathy is best known for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, but it also has a role in the restoration and maintenance of health. The most common complaints for which patients consult Osteopaths include:

• Neck and back pain, spinal pain and ‘sciatica’
• Headaches and migraine
• Pain with pregnancy
• Joint pains such as shoulders, knees and ankles
• Muscle strains and tendonitis
• Sports-related injuries.
• Arthritic conditions

Osteopathy can also be of value in reducing the severity of conditions such as asthma, gynecological dysfunction and chronic fatigue.

Many mothers-to-be find Osteopathic treatment very beneficial both to reduce back pain during pregnancy and also to help prepare the body for birth.
In addition, there are a wide variety of gentle non-manipulative techniques for use on children


What types of procedures do Osteopaths use?

Each osteopathic treatment and the procedures used are selected to suit the individual’s specific problem and preference. These include very gentle techniques such as:

• Gentle Joint manipulation - which may be used where it is appropriate and safe to do so.
• Massage and stretching techniques
• Gentle joint mobilization
• Gentle release techniques that are used on muscles and joints as well organs such as the liver.
• Many Osteopaths use craniosacral therapy which is a very gentle release technique particularly suited to young children and the physically frail.

Is osteopathic treatment proven and is it Safe?

It is a common misconception that Osteopathic theories have not been scientifically validated. In fact, there exists a great deal of research that not only provides a physiological basis for Osteopathic concepts and techniques, but also provides statistical data on outcomes. Reports have shown not only a consistent level of successful outcome, but also a high degree of patient satisfaction. For references consult www.osteopathic.com.au.

Osteopathy has one of the best safety records of any medically-related profession. Osteopaths are trained to recognise pathology that might make Osteopathic treatment inadvisable, and will refer patients for appropriate medical attention in such cases. An Osteopath will also select the most appropriate style of treatment with safety as the prime consideration.


Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

No. If you want to see the osteopath as a private patient, you can simply contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.

However, if you are being paid for by a third party payer (ie WorkCover etc) a referral is required from your GP at their discretion. Also, if you are on the EPC program with Medicare, your GP, at their discretion, has to refer you for osteopathic care.


Who pays? Am I covered?

It is a policy of the clinic that all payments for consultation are made on the day of your appointment. If you have private health cover you can then claim your rebate from you health fund (check with your private health fund however, osteopathy is usually the same level of cover as for physiotherapy or chiropractic).

Patients under the Veterans’ Affairs scheme and WorkCare/ WorkCover schemes, may have part of their fee reimbursed. You will need a referral from your GP.

A rebate is available to some people for Osteopathy under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program with Medicare. Patients that are eligible will have a chronic (has been present or is likely to be present for more than three (3) months) and complex (needs to be managed by more than one Allied Health practitioner) condition. Your GP must refer you on an EPC form and it is completely at their discretion to refer you for a maximum of five (5) treatments in a calendar year.
When can I get an appointment?

Appointments can be made at:

Brisbane Holistic Health Centre
Level 1/ 199 Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD
Ph: 3229 3661

New Farm Holistic Health Centre
Centro on James, 46 James St, New Farm
Ph: 3854 0087

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